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Horror films, Graffiti, traveling, writing, urban life, art, cats, oddities and ugly things. Atlanta.

I love my job. I didn’t know I could ever love doing something so much. Joining IATSE 479 tomorrow!



Original illustration by Don Kenn

is it bad but this make me think of depression 

It wasn’t until I met great friends this year that I realized I had put up with such shitty, half assed ones in the past.

 I post on here mostly for myself and also just to write. Also, the fact that I know a majority of maybe 3 people from real life on this thing. I feel uncomfortable sharing personal posts on facebook due to lack of privacy. Whenever I want to talk about news I feel is exciting, I get self conscious like people might think I’m trying to brag about it. So, with tumblr being my outlet… tomorrow I’m meeting with one of the head art directors in Atlanta. He’s a prop fabricator and a connection I desperately need. He wants me to build some stuff, basically while on the spot. I’m beyond scared. I want this so badly. Tomorrow will be a big game changer for me…hopefully. Just want to do my best. 

Fuck. Should I really care when I graduate? School will always be here, but I’m not sure about work opportunities

These last few days at work have been hectic. Made 25 bales of cotton for a tv show. Everyone kicked ass. I legitimately love working with everyone. These better be fucking hero props and not some bullshit background blurs

Really struggling with going back to school this semester. I love set decorating so much. I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. I know school will always be there, but I’m so close to being done. The experience I have will get me jobs when I graduate, sadly not the piece of paper I’ve spent so much time and money on. All I can think of is not having much time to do any more productions. Maybe it’s sad I love working so much

Woop! Booked on a discovery channel commercial today. Uggh need this money

Last night went really well! Got to the shoot at about 3 pm and worked through the night. Came home about 9:30 this morning. It’s a pilot, so everyone’s hoping the show will get picked up. When I first got there, they asked me to draw fake sketches of the character’s mother. haha. I was so unprepared and nervous. Produced the WORST pictures of my life and of course they end up in the public eye. I was pretty mortified. Everyone was beyond talented and awesome. I really hope I get to work with a crew as nice next time. EEEee. Bouncing off the walls with excitement. Found my career and I love it :3