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Horror films, Graffiti, traveling, writing, urban life, art, cats, oddities and ugly things. Atlanta.

Enjoying German and wishing I had people to speak it to on a regular basis. Most likely it’s incorrect. 

Looking forward to the next few days bunkered in with the Family. Doing massive amounts of homework while fighting off a post-birthday celebration hangover.

Feeling the travel bug up my ass tonight and read through some of my old journal entries from my travels in Ireland. Fingers crossed for a return next summer. 

-The land here is spiritual. I feel God in the hills. 

-Today I sat on the edge of cliffs, my rain drenched pumas dangling over the edge. I remembered when my family took nature hikes to overlooks. Dad would jokingly put me on his shoulders just to hear me scream bloody murder and claw at his shoulders. Yet years later, there I sat, (mildly unafraid) ha. Everyone stared out over the water. I wondered what they were thinking about. 

- I knew that no matter how long I was gone or what I was doing, nothing here was going to change. No one cared where I was and I didn’t care where they were. I wasn’t gone that long, but this was just the push I needed to lift the depressing cloud of mundane life from me. Every day I didn’t know where I was going to sleep, who I was going to meet, or what I was going to do. I made connections in the short time that I was gone that are stronger than the ties I’ve made here over the course of the last 2 years. It’s a sad thought, but I also don’t care. It has just reestablished what I’ve already known. When time is limited with someone, it is precious. My friend Bryan is touring Europe and he told me not to get hung up on people that you meet. That we are all just passing through when traveling and we meet one another so we may exchange and share experiences. One of the nights, I met a musician from Cork and we had a few pints and talked. We ended up hanging out until early morning. When I said goodbye to him, I was flooded with emotion. It seemed so odd to me to care so much about someone I had one day with, but that was the beauty of it I suppose. Now everyone I’ve met just adds into the fond memories. I know I have a place to stay with 6 lovely young men in NYC, and a home in Canada as well. I guess as a person who has always made one sided friendships and luke warm friends her whole life, it was nice to have people genuinely care for a change. These people actually wanted to go out and do things and just enjoy each other’s company. I don’t feel like I should be here now, or even working where I am. I am just so incredibly happy that no one can get me down. Two weeks until I move and two weeks until I try and change things up until I can hit the road and travel again.  

Animal lovin’. Christmas 2013 with my sweet basset, last summer with the roomie’s kitty.