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Horror films, Graffiti, traveling, writing, urban life, art, cats, oddities and ugly things. Atlanta.

Last night went really well! Got to the shoot at about 3 pm and worked through the night. Came home about 9:30 this morning. It’s a pilot, so everyone’s hoping the show will get picked up. When I first got there, they asked me to draw fake sketches of the character’s mother. haha. I was so unprepared and nervous. Produced the WORST pictures of my life and of course they end up in the public eye. I was pretty mortified. Everyone was beyond talented and awesome. I really hope I get to work with a crew as nice next time. EEEee. Bouncing off the walls with excitement. Found my career and I love it :3

Tomorrow is my first day on set ever. Looking at hours from 2pm to 6am. I feel so ready for this.

Ahh! Working on my first set next weds doing props! Eeeeeeeee.

Ugh shooting doesn’t start until September, so I won’t know until August. Suspense is killing me! Also, looking at festivals to sell my stuff at and not sure which ones would be the most lucrative. I would like to set up for Strut, but other than the tiny cosplay stuff I might have, not sure who’s going to be walking around looking to spend bigger money.

Find out this week if I got the adult swim gig. Fingers crossed :/

I have sent a lot of uncomfortable emails this week, but one has landed me in a prop making apprenticeship, so I am quite okay with that. I’m a bundle of nerves who is very happy.